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June 2019

β€” Don’t blame c/c devs

β€” Lol the C community is full of dumbasses πŸ˜‚

β€” S/c/js

β€” Which other library?


Its because users don't care. I mean if you can write can slow code fast it's usually more appreciated now than just write fast code.

β€” ? There is no one standard library

β€” I can write fast code quickly

β€” Also, the entire "slack abuses ram" memes show that users DO care

β€” But they use it anyway, if they refuse and go to some lighter alternatives, it would change something

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β€” And break it even quicker

β€” Sure

β€” Lol?

β€” No?

β€” I mean I can brag a lot about the smartphones getting worser, but if I buy the new ones, I actually do support them.
Well, not a good analogy.. but I think you get it

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β€” Smartphones arent getting worse