Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Not an excuse to write bad code

— Ye but ....they are not teachers.... Because they can't teach anything

— Https://

— Just start off with 3 and do it cleanly the whole way


This compiler I wrote in 2-3 is an example of how efficient code can be done cleanly while being functional

— I like

— This is how Slack came to become the RAM beast we know and love!

— #noobdevs

— Thats what I see when I look into the standard library of C++

— It litterally just fixes fuckups C devs commonly make 😂

— Previous std devs made*

— "the standard library of C++"
The standard library?

— Don’t blame c/c devs

— Lol the C community is full of dumbasses 😂

— S/c/js