Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— But memory-unpredictable

— I think at least the same predictable as with C arrays

— I still didn't understand why do we need to flush the buffer.

— So ..
int[2][3][4] would be int(*+2)(*+3)(*+4) ?


The problem with std::vector is that the compiler will generate a full set of functions for each template

— Or however pointer-arithmetic is done. 😅

— + classes are bloat

— Memory unpredictability is the least of your problems

— Memory is cheap, at least if you not working with some embedded stuff

— I mean these things are minor

— People thinking like you are the reason we need this much RAM to begin with


— *(*(*(int+2)+3)+4) iirc

— Int [2][3][4] is invalid

— Either you do

int b[2][3][4] ;

or you do

int[] <=> int*