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August 2018

β€” I have target.count, where target is array. so i was the first🀀 who accepted


Target contains dom nodes. object may have children. children may have targets. so count represents self-owned items of the object, they go first, then go targets of the children. all targets in one place. haha

β€” What if you're using scheme?

β€” The code IS a data structure

β€” Ye, it's a data structure, but it is not used to solve the problem, it is used to help YOU implement the solution

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β€” Hey fellas, how is it hangin?

β€” Is anyone great with webdriverIO? Im trying to click a list of elements? what would be the best way to achieve this?

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β€” No i dont have code

β€” πŸ˜•

β€” Is this in JS?

β€” Yes, of course

β€” But no code?