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June 2019

— I dont know why , but I just fix it delete folder then compile again and it works

— Is it possible remove or customize bad chars?

— Https://

— K


Hi, I’ve a question: with only a “break” can I close two (or more) “while”? I hope you’ve understood

— Yeah as loong as your dont get infinite

— How?



— But if I do this, only the second while get closed

— No

— You can put the outer loop into a function and return from it. Or use goto (but better don't)

— Not

— I'm reading a book and found an interesting search implementation example
in Data-oriented Lookup part there are three code examples:
- first one is binary search in sorted array of structs
- second one is the same except for the keys moved to a separate array (so while searching it's more chance of cache hit)
- the third one I can't understand
seems like they do binary search to find a block that should fit cacheline and then do a linear search

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— Is it like that? Why not to go further then and divide the array to multiple levels of such blocks?

— Tnx