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June 2019

— Some people told me about degug mode instead of release

— The whole thing is to know what "move semantics" is all about

— That would probably decrease security instead of increasing it to ease debugging

— I know it , but I am creating exploitsme , but I need a way to fix in release mode


If you want a rule of thumb I'd rather go with:
"It if has a name, it's an lvalue"

That's even easier and more correct

— Okay

— I can agree with that =D

— How can I move the binary ? no debug symbols and keepig __security_init_check as before

— In fact, that's a pretty resonable explanation. I saw an example where the name just changed the whole context

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— Well just move it? that won't change anything with the binary itself

— Not sure i understand you exactly

— Example i have a binary compiled with /GS , and of course we should have __security_init_cookie at the top right?

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— It should unless one of your other options disables it

— Not sure about what /DYNAMICBASE:NO /NXCOMPAT:NO do

— Have you tried to see if they're the cause for __security_init_cookie not being present?