Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— False positives are worst

— OKay, then explain

— An rvalue is either an xvalue or an prvalue

— What are those?


A prvalue is an expression whose evaluation initializes an object or a bit-field, or computes the value of an operand of an operator, as specified by the context in which it appears, or an expression that has type cv void.

An xvalue is a glvalue that denotes an object or bit-field whose resources can be reused (usually because it is near the end of its lifetime).

— Http://

— Does ollis explanation of an rvalue help you?

— THe thing is that quoting the standard is the best way to confuse beginners

— Imo "rvalue" doesn't help him at well.

— The worst thing for beginners is teaching them wrong things

— But that's #ot anyway

— How was my explanation fully wrong?

— Anyway, even if I got this fully wrong, this is just stupid nomenclature that won't help anybody

— Well except if you write a compiler and need to read the standard

— Good luck to those poor suckers