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June 2019

— Is it possible to recover symbols after compilation ?

— Depends on the compiler

— Nop

— If you compile on GCC with -g, they are called "debugging symbols"


How , and why ? after compilation I have __security_init_cookie which means I have the security flag on the top , but after moving to x folder then they are missing

— Compile with -g

— I am using cl

— cl stack_cookie_seh.cpp /Od /GS /link /DYNAMICBASE:NO /NXCOMPAT:NO

— You will find the symbol (or atleast a mangled version of the symbol) when calling

strings a.elfxe

— It didnt contains __security

— ^

— If I diff both. the new location didnt contain __security while the release folder it contains

— How can I back to the orginal state?

— Remove the -g flag on gcc and clang

— I have no idea on how your compiler works