Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— But its still useless lol

— Haha

— The group is made of these people ;P

— You are overestimating the power of Design pattersn


If you mean overestimating their performance then you're right, but the right design really is more powerful than you'd think when it comes to maintenance and readability

— Lol, design patterns aren't even good for code design

— Some are even antipatterns

— If you chose the right one they are "lol"

— Singleton for all classes👌🏼

— Name one that drastically improves readability

— There is no single one

— It's about choosing the right one

— Pls no

— Name one that drastically improves readability - name me the context, if you want

— Well, i'll count this refuted then