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June 2019

— Another one bites the dust...!
Banned zee.
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— Can u ?

— Can you not

— Can you explain details of dynamic loading .so or .dll files for me?


Basically, some utility in the userspace loads the dll into ram and connects the right function calls to the right functions

— It can be in the kernel too

— It can even be embedded in the binary

— Is it just me with networking issues (Sites not loading)

— Yeah sure the whole world experiences the same problem as you do..

— Wtf is going on?

— (It was a sarcasm)

— Https://

— Hello every one

I try to install "Haskell platform "
But after the installation, The application can not open.
I receive the following message.

Someone can help me?

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— Read the rules please

— #ot