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June 2019

— Or the function which passes it's address to that function

— Can you tell.

— Callback fucntion is the function that will be executed after some code by reference

— User Avins Group has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:


You do realize you're simply making a fool of yourself, by 1) not even knowing what a line ending is and 2) implying that flushing on every newline is apparently not shit, while simply putting a newline character and flushing when neccessary is shit

— Also how the fuck is std::endl oldschool compared to '\n'?

— Old-school is C programming without std:: 🌝

— You realize that std::endl should not be used ever?

— Oh wait sorry, i misread

— Just cout 0x13 and 0x10

— What does flushing stdout actually do?

— 🤷‍♀😂

— Basicallt, cout keeps what it has to write in an array

— When its filled, it will outout the array

— Instead of outputting on every string it gets