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June 2019

— May i know what this group is about?

— If u have any doubts regarding c

— Post it here

— This group is about discussing c or c++ programming language


Disagree, in my experience, the main reason of using bad practices and suffering with them was lack of knowledge that things could be done a different way.
E.g. I was making my first games with very bad practices based on overuse of inheritance. Not knowing about good patterns made me suffer that time a lot.

— Well those 'good practices' end up leaving you with inefficient code

— I don't know why you care about efficiency that much.

It is important but it's less important than the design, in my opinion.
If you can't deliver your app on time because it's buggy, because you had bad design decisions at the very beginning, and now making any changes in the app is pain and it's only produces new bugs, then you don't need the efficiency that you've achieved.

And if the efficiency is important, you can make your design appreciate the changes towards better performance (data oriented design as an example).

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— That's 2/2 warnings; Prajwal is out!
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— All tgose guidelines dont help that much though, LOL

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— Those tutorials with phone taking video while shaking are gold tho