Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— «The Object-Oriented Thought Process» of Matt Weisfeld

— And what made you think a group labelled "C/C++" is the right place about such questions?

— Alright then I'll just ask in the yoga for dummies group

— Is there any good resources for improving the designing skills in c++?


Stop thinking in modern design - most of the time it will be slower and you'll be slower when developing

— Instead, just remember to make many small functions and to avoid code duplication

— Oh and: avoid global variables, but dont avoid them AT ALL COST

— Anything wrong?

— Std

— If something is overused, yes. But knowing good design practices is good anyway.

— Wont help you too muchm but ok

— Hello guys am new here

— Hi frd

— 😊

— R u frm