Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Furthermore it crashes for inputs it can't parse instead of handling them

— Okay thanks for the help

— Their is gui in c language?
And if so how?
And can I do it in visual studio?

— Yes, GTK and i don't know about using it with VS but it's by default in code blocks


Yes, look up the OpenGL tutorial playlist on theChernoProject's youtube channel. He explains how to use GLFW/GLEW and talks a little about Dear ImGui.

— Tnx

— Is it possible to pass array of structures to a function ?

— Yes

— And how to catch it in the function ?

— You can pass anything

— Show the structure

— Struct t* myPointer

— Https://

— I want to send the s[20]

— The same way you would pass another array