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June 2019

— Is Turing complete language has everything in every other language

— ???

— Https://

— Is this code perfect or can it be more perfect for acsii to float implementation


Your implementation does not support all formats that atof does. Futhermore the signature is different and hence your implementation lacks precision

— What formats am i missing in the code ?

— Give me some test cases

— E.g -0x1afp-2 or 15e16 or 2.f

— Furthermore it crashes for inputs it can't parse instead of handling them

— Okay thanks for the help

— Their is gui in c language?
And if so how?
And can I do it in visual studio?

— Yes, GTK and i don't know about using it with VS but it's by default in code blocks

— Yes, look up the OpenGL tutorial playlist on theChernoProject's youtube channel. He explains how to use GLFW/GLEW and talks a little about Dear ImGui.

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— Tnx

— Is it possible to pass array of structures to a function ?