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June 2019

— Hi

— Hi

— User shubham has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
Java YouTube tutorial advertisement

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— Does anyone know how i can move a label in qt using buttons?


Connect buttonPushEcents (or whatever they are called) to the buttons and make them manipulate label.position

— Is Turing complete language has everything in every other language

— ???

— Https://

— Is this code perfect or can it be more perfect for acsii to float implementation

— Your implementation does not support all formats that atof does. Futhermore the signature is different and hence your implementation lacks precision

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— What formats am i missing in the code ?

— Give me some test cases

— E.g -0x1afp-2 or 15e16 or 2.f

— Furthermore it crashes for inputs it can't parse instead of handling them

— Okay thanks for the help