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August 2018

β€” Just trying to learn on my own...
I am newbie


Hey i am trying to learn java script or learning it rather! i dont get it though like what is nodejs,
are they like the same thing?

β€” Google it dude

β€” So that i can get 1000 possible answers 😝😝

β€” Its fine though!

β€” They are all on top of JavaScript

β€” It's like you have a bread (JavaScript) and you can make different things with bread(node.js, Vue etc)

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β€” Vue is a JavaScript framework to develop front end

β€” Cool thanksπŸ‘πŸ˜…

β€” Node.js is Backend where you can use JavaScript to write your server side code

β€” AJAX is for asynchronous tasks, where you make calls to server in the background at the very basic level

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β€” I get it nowπŸ˜…thanks alot whiteros_7
Just trying to figure out where to start....
you've been helpfull.

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