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June 2019

— Java is not the best choice in these days. You can earn money with it, but you're robably going to support some old codebases.
And also there are lots of languages besides C++ and Java.

If you want to Google, they're searching for C++ developers as I know. But you will need to learn a lot first (mostly things not bound to a specific language: alghoritms, multithreading, optimization, etc.)

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— Tazmikar anyhting?

— Clean your monitor...

— Try using int instead of int32


Read the pinned Message your homework is not a valid question... secondly clean the monitor how can you send a picture with a that kind of dirty screen don't you feel ashmed about it?

— You gotta read the neighborhood rules

— Posting photo of a monitor is kinda awkward and retarded

— 🙂

— Guys, how can I create a glfw window without a console window behind

— The main window

— I have tried many times but it does not work

— Help

— If you're using gcc on windows then add -mwindows to your compiler arguments, that should help IIRC

— 😢

— Try winmain instead of main if you are windows