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June 2019

— Then should I not learn java ?

— You should learn C++ anything after C++ is simpler... you could move to JavaScript but Java Script is not Java.

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— Because im compiling this to run on raspberry pi and arduino for connecting motors

— But cpp is not in my academic syllabus ahead and there is only java. So i was asking as i should learn java effectively or should learn cpp at my own

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I found how to resolve this problem. I had not install MSVC Tools. So, I know that you need install the Visual Studio and MSVC 'cause MSVC do not distributed separately.

— Well if you don't have a choice then you don't have a choice.

— Linear search

— .

— Ok

— Google ieee754

— Its not only about choice . If its necessary for placement or others then i can learn it in part time..But I have to get placed in google or Amazon etc.. at any cost

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— You have to get placed at Amazon with any cost?

— Placement is about your work and your luck it has nothing to do with programming language... and once you know one language, you know all the languages.

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— Does anybody have already used Ninja build system?

— Java is not the best choice in these days. You can earn money with it, but you're robably going to support some old codebases.
And also there are lots of languages besides C++ and Java.

If you want to Google, they're searching for C++ developers as I know. But you will need to learn a lot first (mostly things not bound to a specific language: alghoritms, multithreading, optimization, etc.)

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