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June 2019

— Https://

— Help me

— Help me

— Why are you using Int32?


Hello guys ! I just know basics of C++.So I should improve my skills in c++ or should become expert in java..I mean are there any points where only c++ can be used and java can't?? Further if I become expert in java,Any big company like google,fb or microsoft etc. may need c++ other than java during placement ?

— Java is dying to dead.

— What ?

— Read it again... it's clear... Java is a dying language, it's as good as it's dead.

— Then should I not learn java ?

— You should learn C++ anything after C++ is simpler... you could move to JavaScript but Java Script is not Java.

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— Because im compiling this to run on raspberry pi and arduino for connecting motors

— But cpp is not in my academic syllabus ahead and there is only java. So i was asking as i should learn java effectively or should learn cpp at my own

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— I found how to resolve this problem. I had not install MSVC Tools. So, I know that you need install the Visual Studio and MSVC 'cause MSVC do not distributed separately.

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— Well if you don't have a choice then you don't have a choice.

— Linear search