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June 2019

— Well, pointers store this information. It sounds like this is what you need.

— But why you need the location in the memory, in the first place?

— I was curious and wanted to see how it works and then fun with it.

— While Java is shit I must admit that it does not suffer from the "what the hell am I writing" disease

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Well, then you can get pointers to whatever variables you need and output them as numbers (for example). But as I know, relative location of different objects (e.g. two unrealted heap or stack allocated variables) is undefined. So you cannot rely on it while writing real software. But if it's just for fun, why not.

— Https://

— Help me

— Help me

— Why are you using Int32?

— Hello guys ! I just know basics of C++.So I should improve my skills in c++ or should become expert in java..I mean are there any points where only c++ can be used and java can't?? Further if I become expert in java,Any big company like google,fb or microsoft etc. may need c++ other than java during placement ?

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— Java is dying to dead.

— What ?

— Read it again... it's clear... Java is a dying language, it's as good as it's dead.

— Then should I not learn java ?

— You should learn C++ anything after C++ is simpler... you could move to JavaScript but Java Script is not Java.

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