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August 2018

— Jsperf is pretty incosistent for performance comparison


Party people, differentia or underscore, both of them gove me a perfect reult in my repl, but in my react app … its a pair of dice…. whats happening?

— I perform a array comparision (isEqual() / diff()), working perfect in a example but not in the actual app.. its horrififying weird

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— Something else must be failing in your app?

— Hi

— How can I solve pig latin

— Is this some kind of school assignment?

— Nop

— Just trying to learn on my own...
I am newbie

— Hey i am trying to learn java script or learning it rather! i dont get it though like what is nodejs,
are they like the same thing?

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— Google it dude

— So that i can get 1000 possible answers 😝😝