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June 2019

— There is almost nothing in that program but it's freaking 12K

— That's 2/2 warnings; Muhd is out!
1: read the rules
2: don't request books

— Saying there isn't anything is simply wrong. there's way more behind the scences. first of all the compiler adds everything from _start up to your main. then there's the linker adding all sorts of important (and not so important) information about your elf executable, you could strip your executable and get it down to about 4K.

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— U are learning C, Arch can't be worse than that


And really that's sort of just an initial size. it's there, but it won't change and really unless you plan to fill up an HDD with Hello World's it doesn't really matter

— My .c file itself is of 4K

— I get what you're saying but still its too much for a simple program

— Same stuff on Fedora, 24K 😂

— 👍

— How much should it be?

— Around same or little higher than original file size

— I guess so but I don't know

— Wdym original file?

— 4K

— Like your source?