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June 2019

β€” It takes whatever the algorithm needs to compare, not consecutive values necessarily. It depends on the implementation of sort.

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β€” Ohk... ThanksπŸ‘

β€” I've been using Ubuntu for a year, I think I can now handle Debian if it's more stable

β€” Pretty good, you should try it (if you haven't yet) and maybe you'll like it more than Ubuntu.


Debian stable is released every 2 years and it receives only security update. If you are concerned about stability you can try the latest ubuntu lts that is supported for 5 years

β€” Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS is current LTS

β€” .2 at end is just an iso with all updates.

β€” Until when it has support? Currently I have 18.10 version but want to switch to an LTS version

β€” 18.10 will have supported til July 2019, 18.04 will have support til 2023 at least.

β€” Hey I want to have the programme of C and C++
What can I do ?

β€” Download it

β€” Download some RAM from the internet

β€” Good, I'll install Ubuntu 18.04πŸ‘Œ

β€” This makes everything clear

β€” If you're asking "I want to know how to code C and C++ on my PC", you'll have to download a compiler, should use a good text editor to write code. Google is your friend

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