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June 2019

— If he want to give another try go with testing, stable is 2 years old

— So it takes consecutive value of Interval data type in compareIntervel??

— Now it's just about taste

— He just don't wanna touch Debian, even though I've told him many times Ubuntu is based on Debian.


It takes whatever the algorithm needs to compare, not consecutive values necessarily. It depends on the implementation of sort.

— Ohk... Thanks👍

— I've been using Ubuntu for a year, I think I can now handle Debian if it's more stable

— Pretty good, you should try it (if you haven't yet) and maybe you'll like it more than Ubuntu.

— Debian stable is released every 2 years and it receives only security update. If you are concerned about stability you can try the latest ubuntu lts that is supported for 5 years

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— Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS is current LTS

— .2 at end is just an iso with all updates.

— Until when it has support? Currently I have 18.10 version but want to switch to an LTS version

— 18.10 will have supported til July 2019, 18.04 will have support til 2023 at least.

— Hey I want to have the programme of C and C++
What can I do ?

— Download it