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June 2019

— I know

— I'm talking about distro and gnome

— Gnomes shit

— Only if you have outdated hardware


A bit simpler to use for new user, more stable since it is based on the testing branch on Debian, more updated w.r.t. Debian stable

— If he tried in the last 5 years the experience is not too far from ubuntu

— What's w.r.t?

— Unfortunately he tried to install it recently.

— UEFI didn't work well

— With respect to?

— With respect to

— Koyomi:
Debian haha my friend tried to install it and said, now he hates Linux

I've told him to install Ubuntu and now he loves Linux


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— Stable or testing?

— I know Linux is a Kernel, I'm just telling you what he had told me.

— Ok 👍