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June 2019

— ollirz
Hi ✋, which OS you think is more suitable for C coding? Ubuntu, Debian or something else and why?

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— Any other commands like this ?

— Ubuntu, personal opinion

— User friendly and idk I just like gnome


In third argument of sort()...i.e. compareIntervel, we are not passing any argument then how it is assigning I1,I2 in compareIntervel (Intervel I1,Intervel I2)

— The argument is the function itself

— Everytime the sort methods has to compare two elements , it calls that function with the two Interval it is checking)

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— I think it's unstable

— It isn't😳 been using Ubuntu since years

— It's not

— Just had some problems with my gtx card sometimes

— Infact Ubuntu is one of the most stable Linux distros

— What's its advantage over Debian


— Debian haha my friend tried to install it and said, now he hates Linux