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June 2019

— Not all compilation errors are syntax errors

— What's the diffrence

— Compile error is easy to deal with

— A syntax error ins the an error in the syntax of the program. i.e. the compiler expects something (for example a semicolon) and it is missing

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A different compilation error could be, for example, using a variable not defined. Or trying to modify a const variable

— Runtime errors ,first you have to spot where is the error.

— Same with compilation errors.

— Lol it’s funny how you are trying to predict its errors

— You don't look like you really know what you are talking about

— ✋iam new to this group. anybody help with me about files?

— Have fun when you are using Eigen or other hevily templated library and you get a compilation error 😆

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— It has all kinds of errors

— Can't you just tell the errors?

— We can't really help you otherwiser 😅

— Poste the code to pastebin, give us the link, tell us the errors