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June 2019

— Anyone which can help me in programming

— Ask your second question first 😂

— ðŸ˜‚

— #meta


No need for meta questions. Just ask directly!

"Any $x developer?"

Probably. Just ask your question and somebody will help!

— Lol

— Just learn binary.😂 (Just kidding);

— This often involves shared libraries and dynamically loadable modules. However, the inner workings of shared libraries and dynamic loading are some of the least understood
and most mysterious areas of software development.

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— Why not?

— Because it's a time consuming process

— Meh

— Hi, I've a faulty C program and need someone to fix it for me.
It's a 180 line program. If anyone could do it, please let me know

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— Wouldn’t you debug it?

— I can't, because it has errors

— I can try