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June 2019

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I hav created a node like this

struct node_t {
struct nodt_t* prev;
char* word;
struct node_t* next;

typedef struct node_t* node;

and function to fill it like in shared library

create_node(word) {
node n = (n) malloc (sizeof(node) + sizeof(word));

n->word = word;

and similarly a append function
both inside the library

now when i use this function in main codes , its working fine ,
but when i create another function in
node get_array() {
node a = new_node("sam");
append(a,"another word");

return a;

now in print_array of node a , give needed output ,
but on return the node a to main code it give random values , why

— The heap for shared library and main codes are different in malloc ??

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— Why does print return the node?

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