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August 2018

— Got a lot faster than it was years ago


What part?
With GraphQL you can use Relay if you’re using React or Apollo Client if you’re using React, Vue, Angular, Android, iOS or Meteor.
Then, you’ll have to fetch the url of the image you want to fetch. Display it and that’s all.
Relay and Apollo Client are good libraries to get your application GraphQL integrations.

— Am using graphqljs .. No apollo

— And the client is a flutter app

— So I want to send images .. Video to and from the app

— Will check it out 👌

— Its wat am using as we speak

— Trying to send stuff from the database to frontend .. Stuck on the graphql

— With mithril for frontend? 😁

— I remember u are the one who recommended me mithril

— Your using mithril.. Would really love to see what you build with it

— I am using flutter .. Want to build mobile app