Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— S = d/t , t= d/s , if(t> 60) {cout<<"No";} else { cout<<"Yes";}

— Wow you've read his homework? That must be hard to read.

— Another one bites the dust...!
Banned akash.

— Hello guys. I am new here. I need some help in image processing.


I have a .pgm image with digits written from 0-9 . I have to label the images 0 and 1 and have to use component labelling to extract the digits. I need help on how to do this in python.

— And what makes you think that a group named "C/C++" is the right place to ask for help with Python?

— Sry I was struggling with this for quite some time. So thought to ask. Anyways thanks

— Read the rules if you're new

— Okay I need help with this in C++

— Of how to do this

— Move the camera context point with the player

— Even then it would be third person, not first person

— The camera rotates around the context point

— Or am I misthinking something?

— 🤔