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June 2019

— I have used it to determine the end of the input.

— Second condition isn't necessary iirc

— When it gets a blank line it will exit from the loop

— Hi


How could i make my camera not like rotate from the center of the game?

— Lol.... Who did that

— Classes are blueprints of object... And object is like they can contain { function, variables, parent class method }

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— Using classes we can increase reusability of code

— Me too

— /slap

— Oh there is no Marie here

— User Urvik has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
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— At least screenshot it lol

— S = d/t , t= d/s , if(t> 60) {cout<<"No";} else { cout<<"Yes";}

— Wow you've read his homework? That must be hard to read.