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June 2019

— Yea

— Sure

— It worked. thanks

— Sure ;)


I am creating a node like this

struct {
char* word;
struct node* next;

on malloc
what amount of size if i need to allocate & i know the size of string

— User Bezawit has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
read the rules

— Just sizeof(struct node), but there is no string in your struct. there's only a pointer to a char.

— Oh ok

— Why is the hello world 180K tho?

— Weren't C and C++ bad?

— If i need to assign string to char pointer

then malloc to the string and pointer of that will assign to char pointer of struct ??

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— Wat?

— The argument was about gcc

— Depends on task

— Well the the free pascal compiler must be utter trash