Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

β€” Welcome new here

β€” Does someone know in order witch languages I should learn after the html and css?

β€” Welcome!
0) You should forget html/css

β€” And become hating js πŸ˜‚


Hello, I'm Abdulmueez
I'm sort of a newbie with programming, currently trying to learn to work with Qt but been having a lot of challenges, Hoping to use this platform as a mentoring one.

β€” No

β€” Why?Isn't important and the most basic one?

β€” It’s not even close to important

β€” If you want to be a frontend developer, then it’s a wrong group 😜

β€” Are you a moron?

β€” How can I make a number gets a decimal place? like 7.00, 6.00 instead of 7, 6

β€” I tried double, fload

β€” Dont forget them!

β€” Float

β€” /warn watch your language