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June 2019

— Revolvero

— Return value optimization

— Ok

— Oh okie


Does someone have good resources to encode a set of images into H.264 and stream online (Maybe using RTP protocol or something else)? I'm capturing those images directly using DirectX9 API.

— Its a chain of function calling each other
i loved this approach 😍

— Its a LOT faster than what you do

— Because I don't have to store everything

— Btw: you know the rule of * before +, right?

— Why don't you try doing that in my code?

— (I didnt implement it, but it should be a change of 4-5 lines of code)

— Bodmas

— Sure will try 😁

— I've been programming for 10 years and I still constantly need to look up library documentation and sometimes even language syntax. Once I look up something, I do usually remember it until I finish the project that I'm working on, at which point I often forget it again. :P
There are a few snippets of code that I have almost in my muscle memory, but that's because I wrote those same pieces of code so many times, that my brain simply remembered them.
What matters though (in my opinion at least) is to remember what you need, how fast you are able to find it, and to remember where to look for it.

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— Okk thanks