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August 2018

— And filters to sort that's it


Thanks for the info :) will definitely checkout this terms and how this giant companies handle shit load of data and load

— You can use mongodb uses gridfs to store images

— Just published this little installer. If you like webpack this might help you

— Https://

— This is real riddle.. i dont get how he did that🤤

— 4000 dom nodes..

— Also, it always purple color, those bars. chrome states, that the color is taken randomly, but..

— The dom stuff is done asynchronously perhaps?

— It uses requestAnimationFrame, ye, async. but it's way too fast to setProperty on 4000 dom nodes

— I mean, maybe the callback to requestAnimationFrame is just queueing more calls in more frames

— If it doesnt set them in one frame, then they should go out-of-sync.. hmm, i dont know