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June 2019

— Hey guys my problem is something different which I really want to discuss with you guys,it may not be very big problem for you but I really need help:

Problem:I learn new things everyday related to C and C++ and in general we all know that our brain can't remember each and every new thing we learn everyday ,So as I learn new things I don't get much time to make notes of each and every new thing I learn ,and by the period of time I start forgetting new things I learnt in my life which could be very important to solve a real life problem and I have to go through each and everything again.

I want some help regarding this problem from those who are able to cope up with these things thanks in advance.

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— Nobody can.

— That's how memory works, programming is not about remembering.. it's about learning.

So whatever you learn, apply it in some program somehow and keep a git repository that helps with referencing as you remember yeah I did something like this here at some point, you check the repo and you remember.

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— Okk Thanks.


Could any one ping me URL of a site, where we get the tutorial of using a managing a db (any db like Oracle SQL or sqlite) from a c++ application

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— Can anyone review this code?
and can it be optimized more?

— Another one bites the dust...!
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— Hi piple

— Help me rabits

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— Need to write lists

— Lists of?.. 🤔

— In programming c