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August 2018

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Guys I have a question pretty noob one ofc but I am making one site where I will display all products and every product will have a detail page with HD images. So how should I store my images as far as I know images aren't meant to be stored in database so what strategy should I follow btw I am gonna use mongo and express for backend. Suggestions for front end are also most welcome

— Store as files, store their paths in DB?

— Its my first ever fullstack project 🙈 I just know basics of backend stuff. Likr authentication using jwt and storing simple data to mongodb using mongoose and stuff like that

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— Is it that simple? XD
Never done that before so idk

— Yep

— Unless you're doing something for a fortune 500

— Lemme Google what fortune 500 is

— Woops no

— Top 500 company

— Lel

— Aka LOADS of traffic