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June 2019

— Yes

— He has shared his orignal number 🤦‍♂

— Noo please
better you search yourself 😂

— #ot


Yea, you are correct, However, in adressing, you'll need (Width * y + x)!

I thought that you were asking a question at first 😅

— Https://

— Yeah, CPU more fast, RAM

— In general: please don't use those kinds of array

— Yes

— Unless you like having megabytes over megabytes of empty data in your executables

— Then, enjoy using char [1000000];

— 😱😱😱

— I could guess that you are slav by these “)” smiles

— *face palm*

— Only need to add 100 numbers to the address book and see which ones will appear in telegram as real accounts

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