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June 2019

— I am begginner

— ~what is C
baby don't hurt me
don't hurt me
no more~

— Programming language

— Ty bro


Guys please can you suggest a mini project.. i wanna make at my own.. i just have no idea what should i make.

Ik working with OOPs and learning STL currently.

Please help me..

Suggest me some projects.

— #googleit

— Http://

— Ahh there i get only old and boring projects..
I've visited like 12 websites since morning

— Render the Mandelbrot

— I like rubik's cube, so I made a program that solves the rubik's cube. You can think of something you like and do something about it

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— 🤔

— Not good at graphical implementation tho..
I'll look for this

— That's a good idea
Likewise things whatever i like 🤔

— Write a compiler

— I'm not trolling