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August 2018

— Knowing how to use them is very useful too


But I can't really think of a way for someone to decide between stack and queue without knowing how they work, so someone who can use it always has a working knowledge of how to make one if needed.

— Thanks guys ❤️

— Hi guys

— I can't find the error, someone can help me?

— Yea I take time to solve simple problems sometime

— Maybe cuz idk ds 🤔

— Here JSFiddle:

— Thx! 😞😄

— The ability to find and use the knowledge is more important than the ability to retain it imo

— I say this because you should be starting your code with a business objective and only adding code which is designed to satisfy the objective; you dont’t start with a queue or stack before you know why you need one, you just start with a problem you would like to solve

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— Unknow reference error: "image" var is not defined, means it fails to run the loop. also you use "i" without declaring it. PS: wear greensock, swim in codepen

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