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August 2018

— Knowing a basic set of useful ones is useful but you don’t have to memorize how to make them


Generally the more you are aware of, the more problems you can solve faster, but that’s not the minimum for being a good programmer. If you are a good programmer it means you can solve problems especially without that information

— Knowing how to use them is very useful too

— But I can't really think of a way for someone to decide between stack and queue without knowing how they work, so someone who can use it always has a working knowledge of how to make one if needed.

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— Thanks guys ❤️

— Hi guys

— I can't find the error, someone can help me?

— Yea I take time to solve simple problems sometime

— Maybe cuz idk ds 🤔

— Here JSFiddle:

— Thx! 😞😄

— The ability to find and use the knowledge is more important than the ability to retain it imo