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June 2019

— It crashes as well, but the adress is 0 in my case.

— Can u check the answer with Format space specifier as %d

— Hey everyone
anyone c# here? ))

— Https://


Can anyone tell me why we use sparse matrix as I read it has benefit of most element being zero. So why we need a big matrix with most element's as zero ? Why can't simply make small matrix out of all non zero elements

— Lol

— Not sure how to show your video here, but could you be more specific about error

— Any message I write , it will delete .

— Contain links

— Forwarded your message:

I will trick u bot minute .

printf("") ;

I am trying to build twrp for my old device and I face error relate to cpp file .👆👆

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— Thanks 👍👍👍

— What is the size which make error ??

— Int a= 46, b= 47,c =58 ;
printf("link = \n https%c%c%cgithub%ccom/Kopra159/issue/blob/master/check_seapp.c\n",c,b,b,a) ;

How about that idea?
I hope it will work .

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— Yes

— Hi