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June 2019

— And then segfault

— Because it tries to access memory outside the program

— But why i am getting the same address in every pc

— Is that possible thing


Thats doesn't seem to be a magic number, so it's probably just a coincidence. It can be a value that left from some previous processings.

When it's UB that mean anything could happen, and if it happens now, then it doesn't mean it will happen in other cases, so I think there's no practical need to investigate this.

— Just try not to get into Undefined Behaviour, like never.

— Bro do this code in ur machine i can bet u will get the same thing

— I tried in many pc so coincidence is nt tht thing

— I'll try, but later

— /warn read the rules. no pictures of screens and proper english

— User GANESH has 2/3 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
read the rules. no pictures of screens and proper english

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— So, these value is left from some previous process, but for every laptops or pc, these same value is left from previous process

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— Maybe not from the previous, maybe it is a pointer to the main function for example. It can be garbage memory, it can be actual valid memory, you never know for sure.

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— It crashes as well, but the adress is 0 in my case.

— Can u check the answer with Format space specifier as %d