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June 2019

— Http://

— Ignore tghe white places

— Those should be transparant

— Https://


It isn't a bad idea to start with SDL2 it's good, no it's not better to use old C standard. Use the most recent version possible with keeping in mind that your code could be compiled by almost all (if not all) compilers.
You're coming from the Java background, learn about memory management, pointers are really interesting in C and C isn't a big language compared to C++, it's small, efficient and portable.

— Anyone know about singalton inheritance

— Its important if someone know pls tell me

— Virtual folders?

— Guyss.. i have to prepare for an interview. Is there any c/c++ sample program bundles available including basic programs on data structures, and diff OOP concepts.

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— Is struct is also a linked list?

— Yep, Linked List is struct

— Oh okie thanks

— * did you mean LinkedList class or linked lists ADT? *

— What is linked list?🙄

— This is what i was asking
cleared now 😅