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August 2018

— It is tracking reachability of nodes


I go a little further than Map and store a tuple of objects at once, that way I can correlate subsections of disjoint object structures as being seen together

— Ie obj1.prop1 was seen also in the same tree path as obj2.prop1 etc...


const stack = [{ obj1: obj1, obj2: obj2 }];
const seen = new Map();
seen.set(obj1, stack[0]);

— Ok added it


if ((typeof value1) === "object") {
if (seen.has(value1)) continue _props;
stack.push({ obj1: value1, obj2: value2 });
seen.set(value1, objects);
continue _props;

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— I should add NaN support

— if (Number.isNaN(value1) !== Number.isNaN(value2)) return true;

— The lib also has regex support but that's a bit niche of a data type to be diffing

— Nice music :D

— I have used that before 🙈🙈🙈🙈

— You're all bad people