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June 2019

— You need not to much worry on great learning curve which is in C++

— In Web Development maybe with Django

— Thank you guys.

— :)


I don't know who told you that old C90 is better, but don't do it. If you want to use C, use C11 (I think it's the last revision). But, if you're doing game development, just use C++, and the latest standar you can (C++17 or even C++20/2a if you want). But please, don't use old revisions of any language, and even less in a new project

— 😐?

— Sounds like a job for a loop, I bet.

— No, the question is we put 6 value in one array, and send it in [2][3] array.

— Maybe nested loops then. 😆

— Well yeah but how :/?

— Read values from one array, check counter condition, loop through second array and set values

— Unless I've done so much Python that I forget C++ rules.

— > I've heard a lot about that is better to use old C90 standard. Correct me if I'm wrong.
well you're very very very wrong. yes there are these people who find it cool to hate on new features, but you'll just have to learn to ignore those. also if you're looking for anything game related C++ will likely be better (and for most things C++ would be better, so idk why you want to learn C, which is better than C++ only is select few cases). and for ide just use whatever suits you, CLion will work, so will vim (but some plug-ins would be handy)

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— Yeah, I want to learn C. Then I realize how quickly something could go wrong with code that doesn't look problematic. It's not such a safe language, unless you learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them. If you can get through C, you can probably make it through most other things, right?

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— Yes