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June 2019

— Do you have any ideas for any medium size cli projects?

— Yeah vscode is good

— Yeah I used this one also good :)

— Hi
How can i send some value in one dimensional array into two dimensional array? (c++)


Hello everyone!
I've in plans to learn Pure C (Maybe some C++). Currently, I'm an Android developer. Have good knowledge in Java. Also, I know a bit of Python. I'm using Linux as my main operating system.
I want something fast and simple because the overhead that we have in using Java is pretty big.

I really need advice from people who are working with C, how to learn it better and more practical.
There will be few points and I will really appreciate if you'll share any of your ideas about them.
1. I've heard a lot about that is better to use old C90 standard. Correct me if I'm wrong.
2. I'm interested in writing good quality code from the beginning, so I will appreciate any checkstyles or checkstyle checkers what people use.
3. Also, I have a question about what IDE is better to use. I've used CLion a bit and also used vim but without any additional plugins.
4. Probably I will start my learning by creating some game on SDL (probably second version). If it's a bad idea tell me why.
P.S. Also if you have any information or ideas that are not about something in this list, share them, please. Thank you in advance.

— Maybe just use VS Code?

— Vs code for c o.O sounds awkward

— I dunno, just an idea for easy features.

— Hello

— Hi

— I just begin to learn c++ for several mouths in uni. I want to know will i use it in my work? Maybe python is more usual

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— Depends on your employment

— Yes you can start working on python

— Which is more important? Python or c

— Depends on your job