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June 2019

— Well using srand() would work

— Or just do it properly

— Okay I searched on www

— Yeah I got first results like this


Which would mean using a random device as entropy to a mt19937 and then putting that in a uniform distribution

— This is probably how you should be doing it, if using C++

— Hey I have a doubt can I PM you?

— You could ask here so more people can help, but ok

— I have no knowledge in programming can I get some knowledge here?

— Okay then here, What will happen if I pass a random char to srand (as argument) then that will act as seed and then which in turn again generate another random char

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— Well there wouldn't be a clear correlation between the two characters

— If chars don't work then some number

— But you could do it

— I don't want also

— You could pass time(NULL)